Sunday, May 4, 2008

MANILA, Philippines - Another Canadian province, Nova Scotia is suffering from a labor shortage and is looking at the Philippines to solve their employment problems.

However, just like with Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, appropriate legal arrangements—including a memorandum of understanding between both countries—must first be enacted before overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) can be recruited.

Besides ensuring fair labor rights to Filipino workers, a memorandum of understanding between Manila and several Canadian provinces also sets provisions for salary, housing, and medical benefits.

The agreement also establishes formal processes for worker recruitment and protection and provide requirements for training and certification.

Dante Ang, Chairman of the Commission of Filipinos Overseas, said that the country has “an abundance of well-educated and well-trained professionals in the Philippines and Nova Scotia has a shortage. More Filipinos will come to Nova Scotia, but there must be a process in place."

According to Ang, there are lots of good reasons why Filipino workers would find working in Nova Scotia favorable.

“When professional people in the Philippines think about Canada they think first about British Columbia, and then perhaps about Toronto and perhaps Montreal. They would give more thought to coming to Nova Scotia if they knew more about it," he said.

The chairman also said that only 500 Filipino families are based in Nova Scotia. The figures are expected to dramatically increase once the formal labor agreement is formalized and implemented

source: GMA News

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